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CITY OF CALEXICO PLANNING COMMISSION REGULAR MEETING April 23, 2018 6:30 P.M. Calexico City Hall Fernando “Nene” Torres Council Chambers 608 Heber Avenue Calexico, CA 92231 Planning Commissioners: City Council Members Josie Felix, Chairperson Maritza Hurtado, Mayor Mary Salazar, Commissioner Lewis Pacheco, Mayor Pro-tem Alex Perrone, Commissioner Jesus Escobar, Council Member Eulises Cardenas, Commissioner Bill Hodge, Council Member Ricardo Uribe, Commissioner Armando Real, Council Member Planning Staff Ralph Morales, Building/Planning Manager Mark Vasquez, Associate/City Planner AGENDA CALL TO ORDER ROLL CALL PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE APPROVAL OF AGENDA PUBLIC COMMENTS - NON AGENDIZED ITEMS NOTE: (Not to Exceed 3 Minutes) This is the time for the public to address the Planning Commission on any item not appearing on the agenda that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Planning Commission. The Chairperson will recognize you and when you come to the microphone, please state your name and place of residence for the record. While members of the public are encouraged to participate, it is unlawful to disturb or delay the Planning Commission meeting with personal or slanderous remarks. If the item you wish to comment on is a closed session or consent item, please comment now. The Planning Commission is prohibited by State law from taking action or discussion items not included on the printed agenda. If the item you wish to comment on is on the public portion of the agenda, we will take your comment when we get to the item on the agenda. Please direct your questions and comments to the Planning Commission. CONSENT AGENDA All matters listed under the Consent Calendar are to be considered routine by the Planning Commission and will be enacted by one motion in the form listed. Any item may be removed from the Consent Calendar and considered separately by the Committee. 1. Approval of Regular Planning Commission Minutes for March 26, 2018. Planning Commission Agenda Page 2 April 23, 2018 INFORMATIONAL ITEMS 2. a.) Planning Commission Attendance Record b.) El Portal Tentative Map PUBLIC HEARING 3. UA2018-12, Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment: This proposal is to consider minor modifications to Calexico’s Municipal Code Sections 17.05.110 - Purposes, and 17.05.120, Permitted and Conditional Uses - C zones. The CS, Commercial Specialty zone is currently limited to commercial uses only. The proposed text amendment will allow residential and apartment uses on the second floor of existing commercial buildings or new mixed-use developments in the downtown area. The project is exempt from formal environmental review pursuant to Section 15061(B)(3) - Review for Exemption, per CEQA guidelines Presentation Ralph Morales, Building - Code Enforcement - Planning Mark Vasquez, Associate/City Planner Recommendation: Hold public hearing, solicit input & recommend approval of Resolution No 2018-12 to the City Council DISCUSSION ITEMS STAFF COMMENTS PLANNING COMMISSIONER COMMENTS ADJOURNMENT

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